Elemental standards for atomic spectroscopy

Our Story

Teknolab AS in Norway decided as early as 1985 to start production of high quality elemental standards. From the very beginning our focus and commitment has been on quality with an uncompromising approach. The fact that our market share has been continuously growing since the start, is the best evidence that our products are acknowledged in the market for their quality. The market for standards is growing and the introduction of new techniques increases the demand for accurate and ultra-pure standards.


We guarantee that our products will meet your most challenging demands and applications. Our products are certified according to:

ISO 9001:2008

Certifies that the production has official written procedures and training documentation the areas of manufacturing, analysis, certification and packaging.

ISO 17025:2005

Certifies that the quality-oriented tests are performed correctly which establishes that Spectrascan standards indeed are quality products. To be ISO 17025 certified Spectrascan must not only be consistent, but must also be proficient in testing the quality of the standards.

ISO Guide 34:2009

Guide 34 provides the highest level of quality assurance, stating that the Spectrascan standards are produced correctly and competently. All methods used to certify the Spectrascan standards must be validated and proven to be accurate. The accreditation also requires that an uncertainty be reported on the certificate of analysis. This uncertainty must include all of the sources of error involved in the certification process. The Certificate of Analysis must itself observe stricter requirements imposed by the ISO committee.